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Merry X-mas, Here's an Arm!  [MP3]
Attack on Titan (season 1) review. Breaking mad. Alcohol.

No Gun Ball, Yes One Punch  [MP3]
Orphans & Gundams. Summer 2015 retrospect. Fall 2015 anime.

We Don't Like Anime or Podcasts [MP3]
Being meta w/ Fightbait & EddieG. Too many anime questions.

Metroid Not!  [MP3]
E3 2015 ramble. So that PT demo....Read Blame!

Con-nanigans  [MP3]
Some post-con meet w/ the boys. Nisekoi  was a mistake.

So What's Online?  [MP3]
A pilot episode for David & Kurtis' new podcast about...the internet.

Spring Anime 2015  [MP3]
Literal food pron. Attack on vampires. Spring 2015 anime review.

15 Years of FLCL  [MP3]
Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Fooly Cooly. Tons of feedback.

Hitler Did Nothing Wrong...  [MP3]
Japan Animator Expo  review (#7-12). Manga that need to end.

Level Up  [MP3]
Dragonball Xenoverse, Life is Strange, Shantae, MH 4, and more!

Winter Anime 2015  [MP3]
Rock'n road trips. Afterlife gameshow. Winter 2015 anime review.

Background Noise  [MP3]
Takkun's roommates suck. Funimation rant. Tumblr is internet 2.0... 
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