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What Year is it?  [MP3]
Hajime no Ippo. Children of the Whales. Anime in theaters. Cons.

Rant x and x Review  [MP3]
Takkun finally jumps on the HxH bandwagon!

Bukk4ke no Hero  [MP3]
Discussing Crunchyroll's landslide Anime Awards.

Super Dragging Ball  [MP3]
Bad games. Con season. 2017 anime. Torrent vs stream. Updates.

Re:Post  [MP3]
Post-show of the Re:Zero review from Anime Insiders Podcast.

Late, Later, Latest  [MP3]
Anime Spring 2016 Anime Review (yes...not the Summer season).

There's Always Next Time  [MP3]
Winter Season 2016 Anime Review. Sexy videogames.

Where's My Real Hoverboard? [MP3]
All the anime from 2015. Bad dubs. Waifus. Skype sucks.

[🔼 2020-23]                      [2015 🔽]