🐎 2014 Podcasts

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AniFestivus! [MP3]
Japan Animator Expo  review (#1-6). Recent anime we're watching.

Always Goes Back to Batman [MP3]
Rambling about movies & DC shows. More vidoegames & anime.

Fall Anime 2014 [MP3]
This isn't Full Metal Panic! Fall 2014 review w/ Peterson (SSAA).

Zah Dryer! [MP3]
Zombie burgers. Washing dogs Dio's way. Top anime/manga in 2014.

Togashi x You x Bastard [MP3]
Hunter x Hunter review w/ hosts of Dropping the X & Anime 3000.

Hey Hey Koolaid! [MP3]
Rambling with Rashaad. Everything is racist. 

Games & Bacon [MP3]
Old games make us fell bad. A-bomb abortions. GTA PTSD.

Water-poop Wednesdays [MP3]
Anime Maru aka"The Onion" of anime news. All gamers suck.

Summer Anime 2014 [MP3]
Sailor Star obsession. Explaining SAO's  bullsh*t. Summer 2014.

Spring Anime 2014 [MP3]
Evil unicorns killed with magic snipers. Spring 2014 anime review. 

Cold Leftovers [MP3]
Leftover ramblings from our Winter 2014 discussion.

Cold Anime 2014 [MP3]
Over-hyped shows...in the space. Winter 2014 anime review.
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