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More Fall Flashback 2013 [MP3]
The obligatory panty-shot. More about the Fall 2013 season.

Fall Flasback 2013 [MP3]
"Titty-er & sh*tty-er" is Funimation's motto. Fall 2013 anime review.

I'm Sorry..I'm Sorry..I'm Sorry... [MP3]
A Higurashi  review. Don't watch the OVAs unless you hate yourself.

I Don't Even.... [MP3]
A Kyousogiga (OVA)  review. Hunter x Hunter  is too much for kids.

Dave's Double Vision [MP3]
It's 2:00am, time for David's drunken story time. Happy 21st B-day.

Crab Snail Monkey Snake Cat [MP3]
A Bakemonogari  review. Titans that scare us.

More Anime Heat 2013 [MP3]
India's cops are made of cardboard. More summer 2013 talk.

Anime Heat 201[MP3]
Modern robots are useless. Summer 2013 anime review. 

E3 2013: Consoles Evolved (?) [MP3]
The Xbox One is trying too hard. E3 2013 discussion.

Love Me or Hate Me [MP3]
The art of chopstick thieves. Our favorite characters & vice versa.

More Anime Spring 2013 [MP3]
Sequels from Spring 2013. Takkun's philosophy about Oreimo.

Anime Spring 2013 [MP3]
Spring 2013 talk w/ Neokage, Bamboo(AnimeNewsNetwork), Red.

M@ster of Tangents [MP3]
The k-pop industry sucks. Amazingly awful fanfic. FLCL rant.

M@ster of Idols [MP3]
Taxing handsome people will save Japan. A Perfect Blue  review.

Ice Cold Anime 2013 [MP3]
Otaku dealing with otaku. Winter 2013 anime review.
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