🐉 2012 Podcasts

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AOT! Gaming 2012 Edition  [MP3]
Videogames adapted into anime. Telling Jonny to shut up.

Fall of Anime 2012  [MP3]
School Days is traumatizing. Fall 2012 anime review.

Brown Sugar  [MP3]
Dealing with dubs. Michiko to Hatchin review. Saimoe is rigged.

Heecheeko toe Macheen  [MP3]
Anime club stories. Ramblings about Cowboy Bebop & Trigun.

Mutant Sewer Cows  [MP3]
Solar-powered grandmas. A talk about studio Manglobe.

Oh By The Way  [MP3]
A look at the negative perspective on harem anime.

Anime Heat 2012  [MP3]
Super Robot Wars. Summer 2012 anime. A lack of anime blu-rays.

Rise & Fall of Otaku  [MP3]
Anime that got us into anime, and then didn't.

Nisemonogatari=Fake Sequel  [MP3]
A terrible review of a terrible show. Japan's perversion.

Space+Time=Toonami  [MP3]
Reflecting on the golden age of Toonami. Fusion Reborn  is good.

Spring, Cons, Flashbacks  [MP3]
Con stories/rant. What anime to check out in Spring 2012 season. 

The Good, The Bad & OMG  [MP3]
Some anime deserve to be licensed, others should burn.

Potato  [MP3]
Where it all started.....and should've ended.

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