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#47 - Super Dragging Balls
 #42 - No Gun Ball, Yes One Punch
 #30 - Always Goes Back to Batman
 #29 - FALL ANIME 2014


  1. Hey, so... I subscribed to the RSS feed for your podcast, but only the latest 5 episodes showed up in my library. Is that as far back as your RSS archive goes or am I screwing something up?

  2. Holy crap! Sorry I didn't see this msg earlier D:
    But to answer you're question, you are not screwing up.
    Our RSS service (Podomatic) gives us a limited file space, and it cost's $100+ to have more memory space, so because we're all cheap, we're just using with the standard membership.
    The episodes that stay in the RSS are chosen based on how recent the episodes are or if it's getting a lot more downloads than our average episode. Any episode that isn't on the RSS is available via direct download on the site. Thanks for your question! Apologies for the late reply.