Tuesday, April 15, 2014

[UPDATE] You Need To F$%#'n Explain Yourselves


Looks like everything's back to normal technology-wise (for the most part)!

There's still an episode that needs to be edited, and a new episode is planned for this week! If there's any anime you want us to focus on in the future, let us know!

Can't believe that the Spring season is already here. What new shows are you hyped about? 

Look forward to more Anime On Top!

Btw, the podcast archive has finally been updated to the latest episode, so that you don't have to search through the home page to find a more recent episode.


Here's the previous update from a week before if you missed it:

So just in case you don't know, the last post was made on April 1st, which means there was no reason to believe any of it...hopefully none of you were mad at us, lol. I took advantage of our Togashi-grade delays to make an April Fools joke that wouldn't be all that implausible to say the least. But for everyone who's legitimately concerned about this little podcast about japanese stuff, this post is going to explain it all, aka list of pointing fingers and whining about how much life sucks, lol.

First of all, the delays began with scheduling issues. Takkun (Joe) has to go between classes and running his school's anime club, so trying to get him on the podcast has been one of the main challenges. Wakashi (Marlon) earlier this year had sleep issues due to third shift, and has failed to be awake for scheduled recordings 3 times (that's no longer an issue as of this post). Neokage has been the most reliable host in all this mess; the only set back was no longer being able to record on Saturdays due to his local anime club that he hosts.

Then the other issue was lack of communication. No communication means no organization such as setting days for recording, etc.

These issues have apparently been easily worked out by many others who run podcasts, and that just may be a sign that our collective enthusiasm to podcast isn't as strong as it used to be. You could possibly say that these issues are petty and without excuse. Well if those reasons weren't a good excuse, I think the current issue that I'm about to address is a legitimate reason for the delays up to this point.

Wakashi's computer had an issue that has made any chance to record and edit impossible. The following pieces of text are messages to the other hosts concerning this technical issue that has been going on for weeks:

March 2nd

My pc won't start up, so I couldn't do any recording or editing this weekend : /

I know how to get my pc fixed but I need another windows 7 pc to make a repair disc for it. I'll probably ask my sister if I can borrow her laptop later this week when she isn't busy.

it stops at the login screen. I messed with the boot options but nothing worked. I was gonna use the windows install disc, but can't find it.

March 9th

Update about my PC: So my sister forgot to bring her laptop over this friday and told me she'll bring it this sunday. As soon as I make a repair disc from her computer and try it on my laptop, I'll update you on the result. Hopefully everything works out.

March 10th

I made a repair disc, but I'm still having issues with starting up my pc. I'm still looking up options to fix it.

My pc won't even get to the login screen. I've been trying to boot my pc via disc, but still no luck.

March 13th

My stupid PC Update: Since the repair disc isn't working, I just ordered a recovery disc. I should have it by Monday.

If the recovery disc doesn't work, then I'll probably have to get a new hdd. Good news is that I have most of my important projects and crap on an ext hdd.

My stupid PC Update #3(?): I was wondering if there was a USB adapter that would allow me to transfer files directly from my internal hdd to another source, and apparently that's a thing that I just found out. So I ordered that adapter, and hopefully can save some files from that hdd, including our more "recent" recordings. That way I won't have to lose any data if I reformat the hdd.

I'm thinking about getting a solid state hdd, because my pc often freezes while I'm editing or drawing.

March 18th

My pc still won't work. I tried to transfer data from the hdd but my chrome is useless at that, and my old pc sucks too. I guess I'll have re-install windows and lose stuff.

March 28th

Hey, I'm still in the process of fixing my pc. I could've reset windows already, but I don't want to lose all my files and programs, so I'm still trying to find someone reliable that will let me us their pc to transfer my hdd files.

April 4th

PC Update: I installed an ssd and now windows 7 is running again.....but now my pc can't connect to the internet because the network adapter is not working. One problem after another with this thing.

April 7th

So I think I might've been wrong when I said that I had Win 7 64-bit. Not only is my graphics card being stupid (the screen is stretched) but some drivers on my pc aren't even detected. So I'm downloading the iso for 32-bit.

Well, that's the current situation. As soon as everything is working again, I'll post an update!

Thank you for being patient.


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