Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Farewell Internet.....

So..... it's been a fun ride (not really) but after tons of delays due to school, technical issues up the butt and just pure laziness, Takkun, Wakashi and Neokage have taken some serious thought about what to do with the podcast, and we've decided that it would be best if we disbanded this podcast to go do our own thing. It just didn't work out. Too many things going on in life right now, such as Wakashi breaking another computer, Neokage getting mind-raped from testing the Oculous Rift excessively, and Takkun just finding out that his girlfriend had a baby....yeah, fml.

Well anyway, even though we're separating, we made a deal to continue our otaku presence online in some form or another at our own pace. So here's links to each of our own new sites. They're still pretty crappy-looking and unfinished, but there will be improvements later down the road.

Takkun's new site: www.haruharalover.net

Wakashi's new site: moepyunuguuuuuuuuu.blogspot.com

Neokage's new site: justanotherhatsunemikupodcast.wordpress.com

Thanks for nothing everyone! See ya never!

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