Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wakashi's Trip to Otakon 2013!

          So after many missed opportunities, I decided that if I was ever gonna go to Otakon, this was the year to go. Being the 20th Otakon, and it was very apparent.

          I got on two separate flights toward Baltimore, met up with Doctor and his crew from SSAA podcast, and we all basically just did our own thing while we were there. Over 34,000 people showed up over that weekend! (btw, the drawing used in the intro of this video was my submission for Otakon's art contest)

Highlights during my time at Otakon 2013:
  • Oreimo 2 OVA World Premier; Q&A with author, director, and editor.
  • Suwa, Tachikawa & Anime Mirai panel
  • Mystery Anime Theater 3000
  • 50 Years of Anime: Openings
  • Kill All: Yoshiyuki Tomino panel
  • ANNCast panel (received Peepo Choo vol.1-3 as a random prize) 
  • Bought a few things from the dealers and artist alley
  • Awesome cosplay designs at every corner of the convention center.
  • Got 3rd place in Otakon's Art Contest (on p.44 in Otakon program book)
  • Played cards against humanity for the first time!

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