Monday, June 17, 2013

AOT!podcast #14 - E3 2013: Consoles Evolved (?)

  • This episode we talked about:
    • All-in-one....but I don't need all that...
    • Oh that Aisha Tyler...
    • There's going to be more Mario games?! NO WAY!!!
  • Hosts: Takkun & Wakashi 
  • Guests: PJ Doctor from SSAA Podcast and Just A Gintama Podcast 
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  1. Two consoles on the next gen is a tie for me it will battle only on exclusive games and other feature of the console .. by the way your podcast is awesome can you please submit them on this site Podcast Directory thanks

    1. I'm gonna wait and see how they turn out. After all the issues with the first edition of Xbox 360 when it first launched, I'm not eager to get any new console on day one, lol.

      Thanks for listening!