Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bandwidth Overload! Time For Us To Upgrade?

So basically, the hosting site that we use for the podcast episodes has 
exceeded it's bandwidth, and  it won't reset until more than a week from now. 
This means that the RSS and iTunes page shouldn't be working at the moment.
Apparently the podcast is starting to walk now, so I need to discuss 
with Takkun (host of AOT! podcast) if we're going to upgrade the subscription 
on our hosting site so that we can avoid this situation ever again. 
All the episodes will be available in the Podcast Archive for download via Mediafire 
if you want them now. 

Thanks to all of you for crashing our hosting site, because that has made solid evidence that at least more than one person is listening to the podcast and likes to hear stupid people talk for hours. 
Thank you for your pity...unlike what Vegeta 
did to Nappa, lol.

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