Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bandwidth Has Refreshed! RSS/iTunes Now Working!!

Now that the bandwidth for our hosting site has finally refreshed, everything from our media-players to our iTunes page should allow people to listen to the podcast once again!
Sorry if we had you guys worried over nothing. The problem is that the free subscription for our hosting sit gives us very limited features, which includes small amounts of bandwidth. It's easy to upgrade our subscription for the hosting and avoid the whole "British guy politely telling you that you CAN NOT listen to our show" issue ever again, but what's holding me back from upgrading is the "money". I'm not asking for donations, cause I'm actually just trying to get a hold of Takkun to inform him about this issue and see if he'll at least pitch in for half of the subscription upgrade ('cause with all the anime I'm trying to collect, no way am I planning to pay for the whole thing). Until a final decision is made, thank you for putting up with it, and enjoy the podcast! (I'm working on the latest episode as you read this...maybe)

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