Sunday, August 26, 2012

AOT!podcast #6.5 - Oh by the way...

EPISODE 6.5:Click here to download MP3
  • This episode (full of deleted content from "AOT!podcast #6") contains:
    • A lot of random crap
    • Observations into the negative perspective toward harem anime
    • Tales about our otaku side of life 
  • Hosts: Takkun & Wakashi 
  • Special Guest: Doctor from the SSAA Podcast 
  • Regular: Red

Friday, August 10, 2012

Anime Unbox #35 (Bunny Drop / Usagi Drop)

Here's the latest episode of "Anime Unbox"! This week, it's NISA's newly released Bunny Drop DVD/Blu-ray Boxset! Such a freak'n beautiful show. (I had to spend all night to re-edit this because my stupid laptop corrupted the file, but at least it's now uploaded)