Friday, June 8, 2012

Website Update 2.35

In relevance to why part of our motto is to "stay on top of things":

     If you guys haven't checked out the earlier episodes (eps 1-3) of the AOT! Podcast yet, well you should at least save the mp3 files of the episodes to your device/computer, because our data capacity is getting full, and we'll have to eventually delete older episodes in order to add new episodes of the podcast! Click on the link for a list of all the older episodes. 
(Older podcast episodes can be found in the Podcast Archive page)

     Once an episode is no longer available on the media-player for download, the only way to get the deleted episode will be to e-mail me asking for the specific podcast episode (e-mail address will be provided when the time comes), and I'll email you the mp3 of the episode.
     The direct-download link for "Episode 4 [Part 2]" has also been updated if you prefer downloading the mp3. My bad for being late on that, I seriously just noticed now as I was updating the podcast archive page.

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