Thursday, June 14, 2012

Website Update 4.59

New logo design, new promo vid, and good news about status-update!
So for anyone who's visited the site yesterday (6/13/12) has probably noticed a few changes: (1) The title of the site finally has a design (hint: it's at the top of this page), and (2) On the sidebar there's a new 26-sec promotional video in order to...promote the podcast and the site, not to mention our recently added iTunes page that I still need to tag "anime" onto so that people without direct links from us can find a stupid anime podcast to listen (and optionally cringe) to while breathing and doing stuff that may or may not (hopefully the latter for safety reasons) require their full attention.    


And lastly, the podcast seems to be growing day by day this week. On Podomatic (where we host our podcast mp3 files on) the podcast ranked up A LOT in the "Games & Hobbies" section. There's around 1135 different podcasts in that section alone, and AOT! managed to move up in the daily rankings (based on plays, downloads, embeds, visits, etc.). This past Tuesday, the podcast was at #26 and #2099 overall. But then on Wednesday, it got #10 and #983 overall, and so from Monday to Wednesday the podcast ranked past approximately 4,252 podcasts on Podomatic's server!
It's good news that the podcast is getting out there, but our low (free) amount of bandwidth becomes a bigger issue along with that. We'll see what happens in the near future, for better or for worse.  

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