Monday, June 25, 2012

Website Update 5.83

Old episodes of the podcast will now immigrate to the podcast-sharing site Podsnack!
So, not too long ago, there was an update concerning the issue that old episodes would have to be deleted from our hosting site (Podomatic) in order add new episodes and make them downloadable, available on iTunes, etc. Well that's still the case, but instead of having to email me for the mp3 files of the deleted episodes, you'll now have the privilege to listen to them on an online media-player known as "podsnack" (aka "sharesnack"). (You can listen to "AOT! Episode 1 - Potato" now) But if you still want to download the actual file of an older/deleted episode, you'll still have to send a requset via email to "".

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

AOT! Podcast Episode #5 - The Rise and Fall of Otaku

EPISODE 5: Click here to download MP3
  • This week we talked about:
    • Amazing Spiderman & other games Takkun bought
    • Which anime turned us into Otaku
    • When our zeal for anime became Tainted (I already know...) 
  • Hosts: Takkun & Wakashi

Friday, June 15, 2012

AOT! Presents: "Anime Unbox #34 (Madoka Magica Vol.3 LE)"

Even though I pre-ordered this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy back in Octobter, it still didn't get delivered to me until the DAF OF THE RELEASE!   D:<
"RightStuf, why are you acting like Amazon and not giving me my stuff two or three weeks ahead of the release date like you usually do, especially for a release like this? Of all the times you could've acted like a conventional online store, you had to pick this time to do it?!!" 
lol  itz k. Well I watched the last 4 episodes (again for the second time) in two days, and after a few revisions of this video due to half-asleep mistakes, it finally got upload and now here it is! This is a good way for you to see all the stuff that comes with this release if you're interested in buying it.
(btw, this video can be viewed in 1080p if you want better detail)  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Website Update 4.59

New logo design, new promo vid, and good news about status-update!
So for anyone who's visited the site yesterday (6/13/12) has probably noticed a few changes: (1) The title of the site finally has a design (hint: it's at the top of this page), and (2) On the sidebar there's a new 26-sec promotional video in order to...promote the podcast and the site, not to mention our recently added iTunes page that I still need to tag "anime" onto so that people without direct links from us can find a stupid anime podcast to listen (and optionally cringe) to while breathing and doing stuff that may or may not (hopefully the latter for safety reasons) require their full attention.    


And lastly, the podcast seems to be growing day by day this week. On Podomatic (where we host our podcast mp3 files on) the podcast ranked up A LOT in the "Games & Hobbies" section. There's around 1135 different podcasts in that section alone, and AOT! managed to move up in the daily rankings (based on plays, downloads, embeds, visits, etc.). This past Tuesday, the podcast was at #26 and #2099 overall. But then on Wednesday, it got #10 and #983 overall, and so from Monday to Wednesday the podcast ranked past approximately 4,252 podcasts on Podomatic's server!
It's good news that the podcast is getting out there, but our low (free) amount of bandwidth becomes a bigger issue along with that. We'll see what happens in the near future, for better or for worse.  

Monday, June 11, 2012

Website Update 3.36

We now have the podcast on iTunes and RSS feed!
If you want to have episodes updated on your computer/devices better and easier, you can now subscribe! You can the iTunes and RSS buttons on the right collumn sidebar. You can also subscribe to auto-updates via e-mail by submitting your e-mail where it says "Keep Updated via Email" on the left collumn of the sidebar!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Website Update 2.35

In relevance to why part of our motto is to "stay on top of things":

     If you guys haven't checked out the earlier episodes (eps 1-3) of the AOT! Podcast yet, well you should at least save the mp3 files of the episodes to your device/computer, because our data capacity is getting full, and we'll have to eventually delete older episodes in order to add new episodes of the podcast! Click on the link for a list of all the older episodes. 
(Older podcast episodes can be found in the Podcast Archive page)

     Once an episode is no longer available on the media-player for download, the only way to get the deleted episode will be to e-mail me asking for the specific podcast episode (e-mail address will be provided when the time comes), and I'll email you the mp3 of the episode.
     The direct-download link for "Episode 4 [Part 2]" has also been updated if you prefer downloading the mp3. My bad for being late on that, I seriously just noticed now as I was updating the podcast archive page.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

AOT! Podcast #4 [Part 2] - Nisemonogatari = Fake Sequel

EPISODE 4 pt2: Click here to download MP3